Artist: Myka 9
Album: ‘1969’
Label: Fake Four Inc


Dropped earlier this year Myka 9’s debut solo record is a perfect mix of soul, funk and serious motown vibes all wrapped up in clever hip hop rhymes. It features guest appearances by fellow LA emcee’s Aceyalone, Busdriver and Awol One…Myka’s rap style is smooth and melodic, warm tones floating on a sea of nostalgia. 

Myka started his hip hop career as a teenager, ghost writing for the likes of NWA & The Posse, co-founder of the Freestyle Fellowship (with Acyealone, Self Jupiter and PEACE) he released his first record with the group in ’91 (‘To whom it may concern’), their 2nd record dropped in ’93 (‘Innercity Griots), the group dis-banded in 2002 and have continued to work on thier solo careers. 

‘1969’ is not only the name of the album but the year Myka was born, this record contains an overview of this time in America, hippies, soul music, classic cars, the culture and sounds are all explored within the records 15 tracks.

Highlights – The speed racer track ‘Chopper’ featuring the stuccato spit of Busdriver, the trippy-skip ‘Hand Bone’ and the shaft-esq, slink-roll of ‘Cadillac Nights’.

Hit the above links for more info!


Artist: Trouble Andrew
Album: ‘Remixed + Remastered’
Label: Virgin

I was a tad dubious when it came to giving this disc a listen….but I did it, and was pleasently surprised. Yes, Trouble Andrew is a pro Snowboarder from Nova Scotia…but he’s also got a pretty good grasp on the music thing too. Hard Rocking, electro-pop-punk…this kid is fierce and has a killer support in the form of his fiance and producer Santi White (Santogold).

‘Trouble Andrew’ is an extention of Trouble’s 2007 debut E.P release….Ten songs full of passion and drive, attitude is everything and he rocks it hard. Drawing from influences that range from Minor Threat, to 2PAC and the Beastie Boys…this record is stylisticly all over the shop, but the songs are uplifting and the production is super slick, as a result the finished product is super solid, a full length debut that kicks royal arse.

Get it.

**Santogold & Trouble Andrew will be playing with Amanda Blank on June 3rd at the Phoenix in Toronto….see ’em live!!**P


The following video was shot in 2005, for the song ‘Chase Money’, in support of Andrew’s first S/T E.P Release.




Artist: Vangel
Album: ‘Biblio’ EP
Label: 5&1/4 Records

The first thing that strikes you about this Album is the art work. Vangel’s personal flair and attention to detail are key in his music creation and presentation. A recyled floppy disc case holds the disc snug and looks deadly…nostalgia inducing. The label 5&1/4 Records has been putting out records with said packaging since 2006 they say – 

Our mission is founded in an environmental recycling project which reuses old 5 & ¼ inch computer floppies in an effort to innovate and save our planet. All custom packaging and art for our releases are handcrafted, individually numbered, and unique. All our releases are limited and do not exceed 500 copies. We are Small. So are our egos.”

The same ethos is present in all the music vangel creates. ‘Biblio’ is home to humble, good electronic music, sans pretention and ego. 

The disc features five beautiful tracks that you need for this spring….it’s light and trippy with a depth that is seriously lacking in a lot of music I’ve been exsposed to of late. Think organic sounds of woodwind instruments, brushed up against acoustic guitar and seriously relaxed beats, Jazz infected, classic….Check out the links for more info.


Artist: Electric Blanket
Album: ‘How Much Peanut Butter’
Label: Bussi Records / Wankdorf Recordings

Electric Blanket are one of my fave bands from Switzerland at the moment, if you’re looking for happy-upbeat tunage to lift you up and out of a funk, this lady is your woman. Helenka Danis, the band’s front woman’s vocals are sweet, her lyrics hopeful and striving for happiness. 

The music is simple, guitar and casio keyboards, it’s the melodies and Helenka’s voice that carry this band up-up-up!

Last year they released the single ‘My Eyes My Heart’, that recieved much attention from Swiss and Berlin radio alike. ‘How Much Peanut Butter’ is the bands second album to date and sports twelve shining, humour filled, lo-fi pop songs. With lyrics like “How much peanut butter can I stuff in my mouth?” you can’t help but smile when you listen to this record.

Get it.

If you dig – Mates of State, Psapp, Shout Out Louds, Syme, Hey Hey My My, Gravy, FRED  or The Blow you should check these cats out!

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