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Paris based Willie Cortez has been on Bloggertronix’s radar for quite a while, firstly with his project Seppuku Paradigm created with his brother Alex, and then later with his work on horror movie soundtracks ‘Martyrs’ and ‘Red Nights’.

Over the past year Cortez has been working on and releasing new material, including a killer video for the new track ‘Note to Self‘, which is available as a limited edition 7″ single.

This mini ep release is home to 4 tracks that are as raw and real as they come. Recorded in a garden at night time, during a stint in the south of France this summer. Rough around the edges, totally off the cuff and lo-fi, these tunes are lovely…and quite a change from the super produced tracks of his past releases.

Of particular note are the tracks ‘Unfinished’ and ‘About time’. ‘Unfinished’ has a great southern Americana, plod along vibe and sports some deadly vocals that mirror that of Yoni Wolf of Cali based ‘Why?’….great stuff!

‘About time’ features a soft vocal bed that is slowly built upon to hit a roaring solid wall of guitar sound…a throw back to those horror movie soundtracks Cortez released a few years ago.

If you’re a fan of Pavement, superchunk and My Bloody Valentine check this release out…stream or download for free below.