I was sent this release a month or so ago but was too busy with moving from Geneva to France to post about it…needless to say if I am writing about it now, it’s been on heavy rotation since I first heard it! 

This EP is just as the title implies, take Balkan traditional sounds from Eastern Europe and mash ’em up with 8bit blips and glitches à la old skool video game style….a seriously nifty idea that makes for some super cool music. 

The release which dropped on Berlin’s ‘If The Kids‘ Records in early September is home to 4 tracks which take you on a swirling balkan bass adventure. 

I am of Gypsy Romanian decent (amongst many other things!!) and spent a lot of time whilst in NYC hanging at Balkan bars such as Mehanata in the lower east side…where DJ’s such as UpRoot Andy and the Que Bajo! crew spin tunes from Cumbia to Bavarian beats…the Dolomite’s music is exactly the tape of stuff you hear at these places and I can’t get enough of it!

-FULL BLOWN-8-bitbalkan by Dolomites

The Dolomites have been putting out music for over a decade, and are based in San Fran. The project was founded by Stevhen Koji lancu, an American Resident and a British National, of Japanese and Romanian decent. Stevhen is specialists at creating music influenced by sounds from all over the globe.

The Dolomites project started in the art punk house  scene in Portland, moved on to record in New York and had many releases in Japan.

Looking forward to hearing more from this lot!


The latest show from ITK Radio’s DJ Mohak featuring in the second half, a live mix from the Art Outside Fest in Texas, created by the labels own Stefanko Selecta (a.k.a – Dolomites)

SOOOoooooo GooooOOoood!

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