If you’re looking for forward thinking, unique artists that explore electronic music in familiar and yet different ways, if you’re looking for fresh concepts, new takes on old formats and formulas, look no further than these two lads.

We’ve mentioned Berlin based ‘pOnk in the past, due to his work with Bloggertronix spotlight artists ‘Oliver Grimball‘ and ‘OY‘. We dig his minimalistic approach to electronic music, his simple yet sophisticated hip hop beats, experimental post-rock edge and heart warming lyrics. He recently teamed up with another stellar, like-minded artist from Japan, Daisuke Tanabe, to create a split ep entitled ‘Wool and Water’/ ‘Split Shot’.

The e.p not only features some brilliant audio treats (6 tracks from pOnk, 7 from Daisuke), but is also visually appealing and stand apart. 

Go down into the basement and root out that old tape player, you’re going to need it to play this release as it was dropped earlier this month on a cassette tape only. 

German based label ‘Froggie Records‘ who have dropped many other notable experimental, electronic releases, including work from New York’s Tidy Kid and Berlin’s Kid Ikarus…favors the tape format. I recently received my lovely pOnk & Daisuke cassette in the post – 


Creative packaging and sweet, chill electronic music with that familiar nostalgia inducing tape hiss…

Order yours – NOW!

BONUS!! – 

You can download pOnk’s ‘Wool and Water’ EP for FREE – HERE!

  • Where did the title ‘Wool and Water’ come from? 
It’s a Chapter in the Lewis Carroll book about Alice in Wonderland –  ‘Through the Looking Glass
  • Where was the E.P recorded?
In Switzerland, during a 4 week period in the fall of 2009
  • What was used in the recording of ‘Wool and Water’?
An analogue drum-computer, bass guitar, found sound samples, a microphone and celesta.


Check the track ‘Rushes’ taken from the EP –

pOnk – Rushes  by  Bloggertronix


order your copy of the split ep on classic audio tape directly from Froggi Records – 


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