Deadly links to wicked songs by bands, solo artists and DJs from all over the our fine globe. Tracks have been carefully chosen by music-head  Mr. White…a fine young fella with a taste for the super eclectic. 

Here are a list of my fave songs that I’ve heard this week , could be new, could be old, but always in the fold. Don’t think, just listen. These are not genre based, they are just good songs (According to the genius that is me!).” – M.W 


“Yes, it was quite a mainstream week, you can’t deny the power of pop music sometimes. Lots of music this week, you better appreciate the effort I put into this … I should use an emoticon here, but I won’t …” – M.W

“Venus” – I and I
I Say:  “Synths, Dogs Barking, scratching guitars, and a walking beat, its so eclectic it works”

“Satellite” – Guster
Link: (for some reason this track so works, and makes me want to pop my collar) @
I Say: “This is a little older, but I think this is one of Guster’s stronger songs… taken from one of their weaker albums.  Alternative pop-rock”

“The Young Girls” – Tim Easton
I Say: “This might be my first posted bluesy song, but it’s slide guitar that I’m sure anyone can get into.” 

“Daniel” – Bat For Lashes ***FAVOURITE TRACK OF THE WEEK***
Link:  Houston’s Most Hated @
I Say: “It is so haunting and cinematic, you just don’t want to stop listening to it. I feel like randomly staring into space now …”
Extras: Definitely check out the song  ‘Glass’ on the music player

“1999” – Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
I Say:  “It’s basically an upbeat Jens Lekman, ie. great voice, beats, strings … Swedish pop”
Extras: || Because I mentioned Jens Lekman…her you go! –

BONUS!! – 

Check the Blog section for The Pragmatic’s Free EP, it’s amazing –


If you haven’t heard ‘The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead’ by ‘Final Fantasy’ you need to –


And I just had to add this, it wasn’t quite as fun as an “upbeat Jens Lekman” … Yes, I quoted myself! –


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