Videos, Videos, Videos – OH MY!!

New Videos from London & Ireland !


London’s Metronomy are about to embark on a tour across the UK and Europe, their infectious synth-pop (think Hot Chip, early Mocky or Ireland’s FRED) is sure to have people bopping from coast to coast. The band recently released their debut ‘Night Out’ on Rough Trade Records. The following video is for the single ‘Thing for Me’ and was directed by Megaforce.

Check out their space for more vids!

Metronomy – ‘Thing For Me’:


The Lastest Metronomy video!! For the newest single ‘Radio Ladio’ –

Radio Ladio – 2009 version


The Chapters

Been a fan of Ireland’s ‘The Chapters’ for a few years now, and have
been waiting eagerly for them to release a debut, and it’s finally going to
happen! On June 5th the lads will be releasing ‘Perfect Stranger’ on
Irish imprint 3u Records.

Last year the band opened for some major artists all over Ireland, including Neil Young and Chuck Berry. Over the years they’ve managed to gain a fan base in Ireland that is sure to trickle over to North American in less then no time.

Low-fi, heart warming, folk-rock…Check out the track ‘Heart of Glass’ on their space…lovely stuff indeed!

The following video is for the albums first single ‘Video Tapes’, which will be released May 1st ’09.

The Chapters – ‘Video Tapes’:

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