Deadly links to wicked songs by bands, solo artists and DJs from all over the our fine globe. Tracks have been carefully chosen by music-head  Mr. White…a fine young fella with a taste for the super eclectic. 

are a list of my fave songs that I’ve heard this week , could be new,
could be old, but always in the fold. Don’t think, just listen. These
are not genre based, they are just good songs (According to the genius
that is me!).”
– M.W

‘Sky Might Fall’ – Kid Cudi
Link: Nashville Nights @ 

I Say: “Kid Cudi makes me think of Lupe Fiasco, it’s different, but mainstream enough he should last. Plus, could this be one of the last Kanye songs before he becomes a designer?  This might just be one of the 2 rap albums I actually buy in a year”<br>–<br><br>’Afreaka'”>

‘Afreaka’ – Solo
Link: Fluokids @  <a href="“> 

I Say: “It feels like african dancehall with a hint of techno. Just know, Solo is from the UK. I feel like this album is going to be too good”

‘Diary’ – Free The Robots
Link: Taking Tiger Mountain @ 

I Say: “It has an organ, over a breakbeat. I love this new beat infused jazz sound, which of course has been brewing for like 15 years!”
Extras: Listen to Jazzhole:

‘Should I Stay or Should I Blow’ – The BPA
Link: Mainstream Isn’t So Bad … Is It? @ I”>

I Say: “It’s a Mark Ronson esk rock version of Fatboy Slim, literally (see wikipedia link)!”
Extras: ||

**FAVE TRACK OF THE WEEK** ‘Comme De Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)’ – Coeur De Pirate || ‘Comme De Enfants’ – Coeur De Pirate

Link: Dodselectro @ 

I Say: “Yes, I have posted Coeur De Pirate before, and I probably will again. The remix is amazing, the original is perfect french piano singer/songwriter, don’t walk, run for these songs. BUY THIS ALBUM”


Who doesn’t love this song? Really … <br></p><p” target=”_blank”>><br></p><p”>

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