Toronto Band Sure To Make A Splosh!

I heard about this band a few weeks ago and thought they were pretty nifty indeed…sent a link to a few friends Stateside who agreed they were future so I decided to post about them here.

Southern drawl, dusty tunes, heartfelt, raw lyrics, slide guitar, twang and a familer vibe that’s cozy comfort, like a well worn pair of shoes…you know them well…and yet you don’t!

$100 dollars recently released a debut full length entitled ‘Forest of Tears’ –

The album was recorded in 13 hours with Rick White  (Eric’s Trip/Elevator) and Brian Taylor at the Elder Schoolhouse in Ontario, Canada and can be ordered online through Sonic Unyon.


The band will be playing a number of shows across Ontario over the next few weeks, and will be playing SXSW on March 18th at St. David’s Church in Austin, TX….be sure to check ’em if you’re down for the festival!


Footage of $100 Recording The Track ‘Hell’s a Place’ (Recorded By Rick White):

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